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Fifty03 Visuals

Fifty03 Visuals is a department within Rocky Mountain Student Media. We are video production company fully run by CSU students. Our mission is to educate videography students and provide real life, hands on experience. We are a registered non-profit organization.

(From Left to Right) My Nguyen, Boone Losche, Etan Sepulveda, Will Haskins, Phoenix Heavner, Ali Niaz, Emily Fiala, Mila Garelle.

Meet the Team

Emily headshot

Emily Fiala

Client Relations Manager



Hi! I am a Journalism and Media Communications major at CSU. I am a Colorado native – I love the outdoors and the Colorado community. Journalism is a huge passion of mine, and I am excited to keep learning about client relations/communications with SVP!

phoenix headshot

Phoenix Heavner

Director 2023-24

Hello, I am a junior studying Journalism and Media Communications at CSU. I enjoy snowboarding, skateboarding, and anything outdoors! Video has always been a large part of my life, and my goal is to eventually make videos that inspire others. For now, I am dedicated to learning as much as I can about video production with Fifty03!

Bella Bailey

Assistant Customer Relations Manager


I am a Journalism major focused on growing my knowledge on client relations and marketing. I find passion in working with businesses, allowing their company to grow with the help of video. I am happy to be here for all and any questions you may face when deciding if Fifty03 is the right business for your company.

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